Business Case Study 3 – Management Contract


  1. Horus Consulting
  2. Chelmsford, Essex
  3. 2010


A key member of the finance team had resigned to further their career, and the company was likely to relocate to the parent company’s headquarters in the medium term.

The purpose of the assignment was to:

  1. Step into the shoes of the departing Finance Manager and run the department
  2. Write a series of “How to Guides” so that other staff would know what to do
  3. Resolve a serious tax issue with HMRC


Following a brief handover from the current finance manager, it was straight into the month end cycle. The parent company had very tight deadlines which had to be met, but many of the processes to get the information needed were time consuming and manual.


  1. Wrote draft “how to guides” whilst completing the month end cycle
  2. Reviewed the way that information was gathered at present and looked for improvement
  3. Thoroughly investigated the tax issue with HMRC


Asked to stay past the original 6 week brief due to successful completion of original task list.

  1. Completed “How to Guides” which enabled the Senior Finance Manager to accurately complete the month end process in my absence
  2. Reduce the time frame for producing data by automating systems and thus building in time to review the accounts
  3. Resolved the tax situation with HMRC thus enabling the company to retain its favoured tax status