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Rohan Badenhorst



Rohan Badenhorst, BCom, ACMA, CGMA, PG Dip Tax Law and MBA, is a Financial and Corporate Planning specialist with mid and senior management experience gained in Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. One of his specialist areas is to develop incumbent corporate finance teams with financial leadership, including better and more effective corporate budgeting, planning and forecasting.


Between 2009 to 2019 Rohan has developed and delivered various workshops in the Middle & Far East on topics such as:


•“Effective Budget Forecasting”
•“Strategic Cost Management and Effective Forecasting“
•“Rolling Forecasting“
•“Effective Budgeting and Agile Financial Forecasting”
•“Introductory IFRS for CIS countries in the Oil & Gas sectors”
•“Due diligence for the development of the Oil & Gas sectors”
•“Enterprise Risk Management”
•“IPSAS – background and practical implementation issues”


Rohan is also a technical accountant with IFRS, UK & US GAAP Financial Reporting experience, including consultancy on IFRS Business Process Implementations and Cloud-based Accounting Solutions Adoption.


Rohan previously served on the committee of the Interim Management Special Interest Group (IMSIG) at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) and has in the past served as the centre correspondent for CIMA in Saudi Arabia during the period 2001 to 2004. In 2005 he wrote and delivered a conference paper in Corporate Governance to the 11th International Conference on Corporate Governance at Henley Business School. In addition, he has guest lectured at the European Business School on Business Transformation in 2008.


Training catalogue includes:

Effective Budget Forecasting

A critical analysis of the state of most corporate budgeting processes and systems and breaking out of the ‘bad budgeting’ cycle with modern budgeting techniques and approaches.

Strategic Cost Management and Effective Forecasting

Value-Based Management principles including Value Chain Analysis, Activity Based Budgeting & Costing, Zero-Based Budgeting and an introduction to Rolling Forecasting techniques.

Rolling Forecasting

Developing a Rolling Forecast system and culture in the organisation. A step by step implementation guide and case study to guide the participants through the mindset and process steps necessary to develop a Rolling Forecast management system and Beyond Budgeting corporate culture

Effective Budgeting and Agile Financial Forecasting

A two-day case study based corporate budgeting workshop focusing on the Beyond Budgeting Round Table techniques and Rolling Forecasting systems to engender a different and more adaptable and flexible corporate planning system

IFRS introductory concepts and advanced concepts

A bespoke and tailored in-house solution varying from a half-day executive introduction to 2, 3, 4 or 5 day intensive one to one or one to many finance team workshops.

The first 2 – 4 days are dedicated to the standard topics areas of the Conceptual Framework and most often adopted IFRS standards, including Fair Value Accounting concepts. The workshop also includes practical techniques and financial policy adoption and implementation processes to embed and align the corporate performance management systems with IFRS compliant processes and internal controls.

The final day focuses on advanced topics such as Financial Instruments, Derivatives and Hedge Accounting and specialist areas with the IFRS framework, such as IFRS 4/17 (Insurance Contracts), IFRS 7 & 9 (Financial Instruments) & IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition and IFRS 16 Lease Accounting.

Various guest lectures and presentations

BECCA – Sources of Finance
Regent Business School – Change Management
NHCER – Finance development (IPSAS) standards
NJC – Finance for the Justice Department
NNPC – Strategic Cost reduction programmes